Pest control – Disinfestations – Rodent control


The purpose of Disinfestation is to combat insects harmful to public health and the safety of products inside and outside the building. Typically, application is by low pressure spraying, and, where appropriate, other specialized methods are used.

The insecticides used are approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food for public places. It has a wide range of action, high deviation, odorless, low toxicity, dangerous for heat, without staining or corrosion of the sprayed surfaces.

Their activity begins to run out after about a month and after two months they are no longer active.

Once the deconstruction has been carried out, it is advisable for the sprayed surfaces not to be sponge for about five days.

It is a good idea to follow up at least every two months.


The purpose of Rodenticides is to combat rats and mice of all kinds, their foci and prevent their spreading. This ensures the public health and safety of the facilities.

Rodentocides are ready and placed in our company’s special disinfection stations, which are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, high strength and security, with a key. Here the pillars are protected from adverse weather conditions, while the station is a safe place for the rodents.

Rodent control bait retain their strong attraction for about thirty days.

In the two months, while the drug is preserved, the lashes have lost their smell and the rodents do not approaching the points we have placed. For this reason, it is a good idea to replace the bait at least every two months.

The above installation is done once and then maintenance is carried out by controlling the quay platforms and replacing the rodent bait.