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CQL Disinfecting, based in Chania, Crete, provides responsible and reliable disinfection and pest control services. We undertake disinfection, parasite disinfection and rodent termination, serving all areas of Chania as well as Rethymno.

Our experienced, specialized team takes care of the effective and definitive solution of any problem in every space. Our goal is to offer our customers impeccable service, as well as a wide range of top technology products, always in full compliance with strict environmental protection standards.

Maintenance of wooden surfaces
with up to 10 years warranty

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Certificate Issuance for disinfection
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Certificate Issuance for Pest control – Disinfestations – Rodent control
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Official Certification of Mattress Disinfection in 7 languages for professionals



  • 1. What is the difference between Pest control and Disinfestation?

    Βy referring to the term ” Pest control ” we mean the process of neutralizing any kind of microbial load from any surface, and we refer to the term “Disinfestation” as the application of methods to prevent or deal with insects that are the source of infection and are carriers of infections.
  • 2. What exactly is the Micro Splitting Method?

    Τhe Micro Splitting Method is a purely ecological cleaning method without the use of surfactants and common cleaning agents, providing perfect results, leaving zero chemical evidence as opposed to common cleaning methods.
  • 3. How dangerous are the formulations used in the disinsectisation applications?

    Τhe formulations used in disinsectization applications are of hygienic importance, approved by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and are absolutely safe for humans, pets and the environment.

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